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: How do I handle returns in SuperManager?  ( 3566 )
David Johns
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« : January 29, 2012, 06:17:59 AM »

SuperManager has several features that all you to handle returns.  Returns can be handled in one of two ways:
  • By adding returns to the order
  • By manually setting the items that have been returned to returned or defective status

Either approach will result in the balance due from the customer reflecting the amount due, however, adding a return to the order offers the following additional benefits:
  • It allows you to create an RMA number to give the customer
  • It allows you to record the date the customer informed you they would be returning the item and the date you received the item
  • It allows you to group a number of items from the order that were returned at the same time
  • It allows you to automatically add a restocking fee to the order
  • It allows you to record a reason the item(s) were returned
  • It allows you to add the return to a shipment so that you can create a return shipping label to send to the customer if you need to
  • You can send an email template to your customer containing information about the return, including a list of items received
  • Returns can be exported to QuickBooks as credit memos

If you don't need any of these features, you can just mark the items as returned or defective and if necessary add new items to replace them.

Based on which method is best for you, you can follow these step-by-step instructions:

Entering a Return
  • Double click on the order on the order list for which you want to add the return.
  • On the right side of the order details screen you will find two tabs saying "Ship" and "Return", select the "Return" tab
  • Press the "Add Return" button, which will add a new return to the order and bring up the return details screen
  • The number field will contain the order ID and a numerical sequence for the number of return in the order.  If you want to you can press the "Generate" button and SuperManager will create a random sequence of 4 alphabetic characters for you to use as an RMA number - or you can append any suffix to the return number instead if you so desire.
  • Enter the date you were informed about the return and if applicable, check the small checkmark in the date received field and enter the date you received the return
  • All the items in the order will be listed on the item list, however, at first none of them will be  to this return.  Select the first item that should be included in the return and then set the quantity returned.  You can also check the "Restocking fee" for this item and change the "Reason returned" if applicable.  The reason returned field is primarily used to differentiate between defective items and items that should be returned to stock, but can be used for your own records as well.
  • You can add this return to a shipment if you want to either create a shipping label to send to the customer or you want to have a place to enter a tracking number given to you by your customer.  To do so, check to "Shipment" button and select a shipment or press "New" to add a new shipment to the order and add the return to it.
  • Press "Ok" to save and close the return details.  You will see that a return object now appears on the list of returns with the item codes included in the return attached to it.  You will also see that the items in the return have been marked appropriately as defective or returned on the item list.  Note that you can always modify the return by double clicking on it on the return list.

Manually Setting Items as Returned
  • Right click on the item to be returned and choose "Status" and then "Returned" or "Defective", depending on whether you want the item to be returned to stock or not
  • This will set the entire quantity of that item to returned or defective.  If you need to adjust this so that only a portion of the items were returned or defective, you can double click on the item and on the item details, next to the "Status" you can enter a quantity.  You can also record a return date in this location.
  • If you set up an email template to send information about the return to your customer, you can press the email button and select that template.  Here is an example of such a template that you could add to your store settings:
Code: [Select]
We have processed your company_name return.  We understand that you want to return the following items.  Please let us know if this list is inaccurate.  Your RMA number is return_id.

item_return_quantity of item_quantity item_description item_options

Please contact us if there are any problems or questions.
    Note that when you send this email it will only contain the items that you have specified are in this return.

Sending Replacement Items
Regardless of the approach chosen above to log the return, you can send replacement items to your customer using the following steps:
  • Press the "Add Item" button and add a new item to the order.
  • When on the item details screen for the item you are adding you can press the "New" button next to the shipment list.  This will add a new shipment to the order and select it as the shipment for the item.
  • When you are finished adding the new item, you can press the "Add" button next the the "Previous" button if you want to go directly to adding another item to the order.  When you are done adding all the items to the order you can press the "Ok" button to save and close the item settings.
  • Once you have closed the item settings and are back on the order details screen, you can select the new shipment on the list of shipments in the order and then press the print button and choose "Default Packing Slip" or choose any specific report of type "Packing Slip".  When you print a packing slip from this screen it will only contain the items that are in the shipment that you have selected from the shipment list.
  • Note that you can also double click on the shipment and press the email button.  When you send an email from this page, if there is an item list in the email template, it will only include the items in this particular shipment
« : January 29, 2012, 10:31:36 AM David Johns »

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